Hate For Christians And Jews leads to Bible Burning On Easter

(PCC)As Christianity and Judaism are being condemned and targeted by the enlightened and evolved progressive masters incidents of Bibles, Churches and Synagogue burning increase!

 As incidents of religious intolerance are growing a trailer of Bibles were burned on Easter Sunday. The Police are refusing to comment about the fact the Bible also contains the Torah, which are the first 5 books. Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish or both are becoming the new target of the enlightened!

On Easter Sunday, a troubling incident occurred in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where a trailer filled with Bibles was deliberately set ablaze in front of the Global Vision Bible Church. The act of vandalism has sparked renewed concerns about the increasing animosity towards religion, especially Christianity, in certain sectors of society.

The Mount Juliet Police Department and Fire Department promptly responded to the scene around 6 a.m. Pastor Greg Locke, from the targeted church, shared that security cameras recorded someone leaving the trailer and setting it on fire. This audacious act of hate towards a place of worship on one of Christianity’s most sacred days has ignited anger and apprehension among the faithful.

“It was quite the scene to wake up to on my first morning back from Israel,” Pastor Locke expressed in a statement shared on Facebook.

As authorities continue to investigate the incident, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office has expressed their belief the fire was intentionally set.

The trailer, strategically placed to block the church entrance, was not just an act of aggression towards the property, but also a symbolic challenge to the values and beliefs cherished by its congregation.

Messages of support for the church flooded social media platforms, highlighting the importance of staying strong in challenging times. However, the incident highlights a concerning pattern of hostility towards religious institutions, especially from those with more progressive views.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee recently expressed his disapproval of the Biden administration’s decision to recognize ‘Trans Visibility Day’ on Easter Sunday, characterizing it as a departure from reality. This viewpoint reflects a wider worry among journalists with conservative leanings that religious values are being marginalized or intentionally undermined in favor of more secular or progressive priorities.

Although the motive for the arson attack is still uncertain, the incident occurs during a time of heightened polarization and tension surrounding matters of faith and identity. The focus on churches and religious symbols is not limited to this incident; it reflects a wider trend of intolerance and animosity towards long-standing religious beliefs.

The progressive movement, known for its emphasis on tolerance and inclusivity, often clashes with religious institutions that follow more traditional interpretations of scripture. This discord has taken on different forms, ranging from legal disputes surrounding religious freedoms to instances of vandalism and intimidation.

The Global Vision Bible Church has shown remarkable resilience and unwavering faith in the face of the attack. As the investigation continues, it is a clear reminder of the significance of preserving religious freedom and promoting a society that values and defends diverse beliefs.

There were no injuries reported in the incident, however, the emotional and symbolic impact extends well beyond the burnt remnants of the trailer.


Final Word: Think this is terrible? This is just the beginning of sorrows! Now that Easter has been hijacked by the Trans-gender mob, our children sexually mutilated and sanity is outlawed, Bible burning is simply next on the menu. BTW – they won’t stop at Bible burning, Christians and Jews will be next for the furnace!


Comment: Steve! You’re batsh*t crazy, no one going to burn Christians and Jews alive, Mount Juliet, Tennessee Bible Burning was just a one-off!  

Answer: 1938 – 1945 Germany, Israel 2024…………..(can’t happen here, right?)

p.s. remember this?



Officials said a trailer of Bibles was intentionally set on fire Easter Sunday. (Pastor Greg Locke)


Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/trailer-bibles-intentionally-set-fire-front-tennessee-church-easter-sunday


Wilson County officials believe that the trailer was intentionally dropped off in the middle of the intersection and intentionally set on fire. (Pastor Greg Locke)


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