Hidden Snake In the Trump Trial, It’s Going To Effect You!

(PCC)While the world is watching how the Trump trial unfolds the liberal left is licking their lips waiting to seize Trumps assets and give them to their buddies, but there is a hidden snake waiting this this woodpile for all of us!

PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK vs Donald J. Trump has a hidden agenda the media is ignoring! Wonder why?

If Democrats win, they will utilize the Trump case to prosecute property owners who may have overestimated their property value. The Trump decision will set a precedent and future cases will point back to the Trump decision to build their arguments. This in law is called Stare Decisis.

This hidden snake is the weaponization of valuation of all financial records, both private and at the lender level turning the disclosure law on the head.

The resultant penalties will force the redistribution of family assets to individuals who do not, didn’t work for them and do not deserve them.  Trump’s property valuation trial is a crucial test case with wider implications.

In the latest development of the legal saga surrounding President Donald Trump, New York Attorney General Letitia James is advocating for a permanent ban on Trump’s participation in the state’s real estate industry. The attorney general has also demanded Trump and his company be held accountable for alleged financial fraud spanning decades, with a proposed penalty of $370 million.

As the civil case reaches its climax, the implications extend beyond the personal predicament of the individuals involved, raising concerns about potential repercussions for property owners across the state.

James argues Trump employed various deceptive tactics to exaggerate the worth of assets and hide important information. The crux of the issue centers on allegations Trump deceitfully exaggerated his wealth by billions of dollars in order to obtain more advantageous loan conditions.

If the court rules against Trump then he will be forced to sell off some of his valuable real estate holdings, breaking him.

In response to the accusations, Trump passionately defended himself on social media, asserting his innocence and criticizing the trial as a politically motivated “witch hunt.” He strongly criticized the valuation of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, as a centerpiece of what he considered a misleading narrative.

According to Trump, the attorney general and the judge have set an inflated valuation in an apparent effort to bolster their case, despite the property’s alleged actual worth being significantly higher.

Trumps legal team argued the state has not provided evidence of any tangible consequences arising from Trump’s financial statements to banks. According to a judge involved in the case, it was found  there were significant discrepancies in Trump’s reported net worth, amounting to billions of dollars. The final arguments from both sides will be presented on Thursday, and a verdict is anticipated to be announced at a later date.

If the court rules against the former president, the potential consequences could reach well beyond his individual holdings.

Some observers are concerned  this case may establish a precedent, giving Democrats more confidence to examine and possibly penalize other property owners who have overestimated their property values while applying for loans. Property owners have expressed concerns about this prospect, especially given the recent actions of New York’s attorney general. The attorney general is seeking to raise the penalty from $250 million to $370 million, citing new evidence of “ill-gotten gains.”

The outcome of this property valuation trial could potentially indicate the Democrats’ future approach towards other real and credit property owners

Final Word: Once the Democrats taste the sweet flavor of stripped wealth, they will craft a cookie cutter law suite designed to review all asset evaluations, then, if the court view the valuations as overvalued prosecute the asset holder and seize their wealth. (for the greater good of course)

Once the courts go down that road then ALL evaluations could come under scrutiny. What would keep the court from scrutinizing non-property transactions? ….nothing!

Did you overstate your income of your last credit card application?

Have you ever exaggerate your net worth?

Have you ever got a quick part-time job to inflate your income only to quite the day after you got approved for that loan?

…..the subpoena is in the mail and the undeserving are licking their lips, salivating for the sweet taste of court awarded fat assets.



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