Hillary Clinton – The Resurrection

(PCC)Will the crypt give up it’s dead and allow Hillary to walk the earth again or will the mortician nail her coffin shut once and for all? As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the Democratic Party is scrambling to find a candidate the mainstream could elect, and there is slim-pickens!

The night of the living dead was a fictional movie but it could be turned into a documentary of the 2024 election! Yikes!  As Joe Biden physically withers and his popularity is nothing less than a dumpster fire the Democratic Party’s current roster of viable candidates is shrinking, liberals are shamelessly considering the bizarre notion of nominating a decrepit politician for yet another attempt at seizing power in the White House.

What is the one name that keeps bubbling to the surface of the septic tank? You guessed it Hildabeast! She has so many bodies buried in her backyard it makes the Roman catacombs look like a street fair!

The political landscape is in utter chaos, with the Democratic Party descending into a state of disarray and turmoil. California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing intense scrutiny for his abysmal track record of mismanagement of California. Critics are pointing out the glaring failures and incompetence that have plagued his tenure, Governor Nuisance Newsom is in trouble!

The growing skepticism surrounding certain Democratic candidates has ignited a wave of despair within the party, leading many to reevaluate their options and turn their tilted gaze towards that old goat Hillary Clinton.

Desperate times means desperate measures….and they must be desperate to consider Crooked Hillary…….again!

The potential resurgence of Hillary in the political arena is heavily contingent on the prevailing notion within the Democratic Party that her chances of winning are solely reliant on the absence of former President Donald Trump, potentially due to impending legal predicaments. The troubling issue at hand is whether Trump’s mounting legal troubles could potentially serve as the catalyst for a Hillary-Dillary comeback.

While the lamestream liberal media may try to downplay racist anti-Jew rhetoric and out of control borders the truth cannot be ignored. The party is succumbing to the dangerous platform of fraudulent progressive ideals, as some astute observers have pointed out.

As the Democrat Party stumbles its way forward, the alarming prospect of a potential Clinton-Trump rematch from the tumultuous 2016 elections is growing with questions, backroom deals and frantic speculations among Democratic voters and most are becoming bilious at the thought of once again kissing Hillarie’s aging ass.

As the Democrats ponder their choices for the upcoming 2024 elections, the alarming possibility of Witch Hillary resurfacing in the political landscape cannot be ignored. Driven by fears of radical leftism, a longing for a sensible approach, and the imperative of cooking former President Trump, Clinton’s potential candidacy injects a noxious element into the ever-changing saga of the forthcoming election.

Final Word: Just about the time you think the election process can’t get any worst here comes Hildabeast! The Dems have no shame! Not only do they have glorious dreams about locking up Trump now they are salivating over the idea of a Hillary Resurrection! OMG! The demons will dance and the liberals will howl if Witch Hillary gets the nomination!

But If she wins………..



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