If You Support The Police, You’re A Racist—Riots Are Needed!

(PCC)A progressive senator has issued a call for rioting, threatening racially motivated looting, burning, and shoplifting as evidence of one’s racism; this will teach communities that supporting law enforcement is unjust.

BTW – Patriot Command Center is Pro-law Enforcement and this doesn’t make us racists, it makes us responsible citizens!

Get this. Tennessee State Senator’s Controversial Call for Riots Amid Pro-Police Bill Passage Sparks Debate

In a passionate response to the passing of a pro-police bill by Republican lawmakers in Tennessee, Democratic State Senator Charlane Oliver sparked a contentious debate over the delicate balance between law enforcement policies and civil liberties.

The bill in question, sponsored by Republican State Senator Brent Taylor, aims to prevent cities from imposing limitations on police officers when it comes to conducting specific types of traffic stops. The passage of this legislation has sparked intense debate, with some advocating for its ability to enhance law enforcement’s effectiveness, while others express concerns about potential violations of civil rights, especially among marginalized communities.

Progressive leaders demand DIE! (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity) or they will riot!

Senator Oliver, a co-founder of the activist group “the Equity Alliance,” strongly criticized the bill, drawing parallels to Jim Crow laws and accusing its supporters of perpetuating systemic racism. Her demand for action, delivered in a powerful press conference, emphasizing  riots are a manifestation of unheard voices.

“It is deeply concerning,” Oliver asserted, reflecting on the bill’s implications. “This bill, brought by Senator Taylor and supported by his colleagues, has been criticized for its potential impact on voting rights.”

Her thoughts were echoed by another State Senator, London Lamar, who described the bill’s approval as “a form of oppression” and expressed concern about the lack of regard for minority voices in the legislative process. In other words, we need more D.I.E.!

In response to the public outcry, Senator Taylor expressed his views on X, the popular social media platform, to defend the bill and criticize what he referred to as “opposition from the left.” He presented the legislation as a practical step to safeguard public safety, garnering support from like-minded constituents.

“Despite the strong support for my bill… the opposition from certain quarters has been extreme and disconnected from reality,” Taylor tweeted. “Join me in supporting the voices of everyday people who advocate for practical solutions.”

The clash between Oliver’s provocative stance on riots and Taylor’s unwavering support of the bill highlights the profound ideological rift regarding policing practices and racial justice in America. While opinions on the bill vary, it is seen by some as a necessary measure to support law enforcement, while others argue  it may worsen existing tensions and disparities within the criminal justice system.

Final Word: Aren’t city wide riots going to prove more law enforcement is needed not less? Can someone please explain to me how this works? This is like saying: “Reducing medication to allow a  disease spread is a good thing”  😲




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