Illegals To Receive Services Stripped Of US Citizens

(PCC)To add injury to insult now the States and Cities are starting to strip services from US citizens and giving them to Illegal Aliens that broke the law coming here and continue to break the law by staying here!

Denver Mayor attributes $5M cuts to political factors amid the Biden’s Illegal Alien crisis.

Check this out. Denver, Colorado, is facing challenges with a growing Illegal Alien situation, prompting Mayor Mike Johnston, a Democrat, to implement substantial reductions of public services to US citizens amounting to $5 million and growing.

The decision, which includes reductions in recreation center hours, DMV services, park maintenance, clinics and medical infrastructure and other services not yet disclosed is said to be a result of the strain caused by the influx of multitudes of Illegal Aliens.

Mayor Johnston has placed blame former President Donald Trump for worsening the situation.

Johnston’s announcement follows the city’s recent decision to allocate $25 million from the budget to address Biden’s Illegal Alien crisis, which has sparked criticism and concern among residents. Given the projected cost of $180 million in 2024 alone, it is clear the city is facing a significant strain on its resources. As a result, there is a need for urgent and decisive action to effectively manage the situation.

Cities and States may not only cut or even eliminate services for US citizens but will probably resort to massive increases in taxes. Many are claiming these cuts are just the beginning and more cities and State will follow in the path of Denver and slash US citizen benefits and service to redistribute resources to the Illegal Alien.

The mayor places the blame on Trump and the Republicans in Congress for hindering bipartisan efforts to address border issues. He points out their involvement in derailing a proposed deal that could have offered relief to cities like Denver, which are heavily impacted by the crisis. Johnston’s evident frustration is apparent as he expresses his concerns about the lack of federal support, highlighting the importance of collective effort to address the difficulties presented by the influx of hordes of Illegal Aliens.

Denver, a city known for its strong stance as a sanctuary city, has experienced a notable increase in the volume of Illegal Aliens arriving, particularly from Venezuela. This has put a strain on the city’s resources. The strain extends beyond public services, with the city’s health system also feeling the impact as hordes of Illegal Aliens seeking medical assistance, adding further pressure to an already burdened system.

Despite attempts to address the situation, such as reducing assistance for US citizens and implementing measures to reduce expenses, Denver is facing a critical moment. The lack of a right-to-shelter provision adds an additional level of complexity to the situation, underscoring the difficulties faced by local governments in offering sufficient assistance during Biden’s Illegal Alien crisis.

As Denver grapples with the ongoing Illegal Alien influx, Mayor Johnston’s request for federal assistance highlights the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to tackle the underlying causes of the invasion and safeguard the welfare the newcomers. With no significant action at the federal level, cities like Denver are forced to handle the consequences, trying to find a balance between providing Illegal Alien aid and working within their limited resources.

Final Word: “When your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep is your downfall” In other words, Not enough taxes collected from US citizens to pay for the expenses of the Illegal Alien invasion, so downfall is inevitable!

Either stop the invasion or raise taxes….it there another choice? I’d like to hear of it in the comments below.


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