Is It Time To Block Biden?

(PCC)As much as America loves to make fun of sleepy Joe clandestine shadow figures are silently struggling to manipulate the election game, and it’s not looking pretty!

If it is determined the State has the authority to regulate their ballot and determine who can be included on it, then it would be necessary to prevent Biden from being listed on the ballot. If the Democrats obstruct President Trump, who is perceived as innocent, then what about Joe Biden?

  • 270 Electoral votes are needed to win the Presidency.
  • 242 votes controlled by Blue States
  • 179 votes controlled by Red States
  • 117 votes controlled by swing States

A contentious move under the 14th Amendment a handful of swing states would bar Biden from the ballot then he and the Dems can’t win!

Who is taking the lead on the ‘Ballot Blocking’?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly considering options to challenge Joe Biden’s eligibility for the primary ballot in Florida. In light of recent developments, it is worth noting  the Democratic Party has been successful in their efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from primary ballots in Colorado and Maine, with similar attempts being made in other states.

Is this payback or playing by the rules?

DeSantis, known for his strong conservative views and potential 2024 presidential aspirations, has consistently voiced his support for Trump’s policies and principles. The governor asserts  the actions of certain individuals have led him to contemplate a potential response in relation to Biden. Although expressing some concerns about the approach, DeSantis declared, “We will vigorously oppose and strategically navigate any rules that are imposed upon us.”

The governor raises concerns about Biden’s eligibility, hinting at a potential case based on the recent influx of eight million individuals, likely referring to immigration issues at the U.S. border. DeSantis recognizes  this may not be the most optimal approach to tackle the issue, but he underscores the significance of not being hindered in the fight.

Many power-brokers are weighing in on the ongoing legal disputes regarding Trump’s exclusion from primary ballots in Colorado and Maine.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider Trump’s appeal regarding his disqualification from the Colorado ballot. The court will examine the application of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which addresses the eligibility of individuals involved in insurrection to hold office.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows has made a ruling stating  Trump will not be able to appear on the primary ballot in the state. Trump has appealed this decision, highlighting the legal complexities involved in excluding political figures on constitutional grounds.

The potential move by DeSantis to block Biden from the Florida ballot has sparked further controversy in an already heated political landscape, prompting discussions about the interpretation of constitutional provisions in the context of electoral politics.

Final Word: Liberal Dems jump for joy when they cook up a plan to damage and block Trump but blow the ‘unfair whistle’ when the same tactics are used against them!

So, let them blow!


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