JUST IN: 1 In 5 Polling Locations Goes Down In This Battleground State County

(Tea Party PAC) – The 2022 midterm elections have seen their fair share of technological glitches and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We knew Democrats weren’t going to just sit by and let Republicans take control.

Even less surprising is that Maricopa County, Arizona, seems to have been a hotbed for ballot machine malfunctions. According to KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, ballot tabulation machines in about 20% of the polling stations in the county were not working Tuesday morning.

“While the specific addresses and number of locations having issues have not been confirmed, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Officer says technicians have been called to fix the precinct tabulator machines that aren’t working,” the outlet reported.

The Maricopa County Elections Department tweeted, “Advice for Voters: If a tabulator is not working at a site, you can still vote! You have the option to cast your ballot and place it into the secure ballot box.”

“The poll workers on site at the voting location are best equipped to help you ensure your ballot cast.”

“We’ve had a few tabulator issues at a couple locations where the tabulator isn’t immediately taking the ballot,” County Recorder Stephen Richer told KSAZ after being asked about two locations with issues – Burton Barr Library and Christ Lutheran Church.

Richer explained that voters could just go to another location before casting their ballot or, if their ballots had already been cast, they can be counted once tabulators are fixed or counted at the elections department’s central facility in downtown Phoenix after the polls close.

Richer and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates discussed the issue in a video posted on social media Tuesday morning.

“We’ve got about 20 percent of the locations out there where there’s an issue with the tabulators out there where some of the ballots after people have voted them, they try to run them through the tabulator, and they’re not going through,” Gates said.

They attempted to reassure voters and stated the problems were in the process of being fixed as quickly as possible. Of course, the issues didn’t exactly inspire confidence in voters and why should it? As of Wednesday morning, the completely uncharismatic Katie Hobbs is leading Republican candidate Kari Lake in the state’s gubernatorial race. Clearly something is just not right in the state of Arizona.

Not everyone felt the technical issues were no big deal. Around 9 am on Tuesday, Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelli Ward tweeted, “As of now, 50 @MaricopaVote polling locations are affected. Fifty out of 233. Over 21%. Ridiculous.”

Elliott Echols, political director for the Republican National Committee, tweeted, “Our attorneys and volunteers are on the ground working to solve this.”

Republican voters turn out in much larger numbers on Election Day so the fact that tabulator machines were just not working should be alarming.

Kari Lake encouraged voters to ensure they follow proper procedure and avoid getting duped by using a provisional ballot which she asserted would not be counted.

“If you have already *checked in* at a Maricopa County voting location where the tabulators do not work, you should *not* leave and go to another location without casting a vote,” she tweeted.

“[Y]ou can (1) wait for your ballot to be tabulated on site, (2) ask to use the handicapped voting machine, or (3) leave your ballot in a box to be counted later,” she added.

We can only hope that as of Wednesday morning election workers are still working to count the ballots that were not accepted by tabulator machines Tuesday and that is the reason why Hobbs is ahead.

A Hobbs victory would defy all logic and reality.

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