JUST IN: Former Clinton Adviser Predicts Hillary-Trump Rematch In 2024

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario for the Democrats than Joe Biden running for “reelection” in 2024 but it’s not impossible. One political adviser is looking ahead to the presidential election of 2024 and what he sees is enough to send shivers down the spine of every Democrat in the US (at least those who still have any sense left).

Dick Morris, an architect of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996 and an adviser who helped the Clinton White House get through the scandal that resulted in Clinton’s impeachment in 1998-1999, is now one of the country’s most respected conservative commentators.

He’s a true asset to the GOP considering he still has a wealth of knowledge of both the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

He’s predicting that the woman America loves to hate will be making a return to the political stage in 2024 and trying for a third time to run for president.

The third time is usually the charm but we’re sure if Hillary Clinton throws her hat in the ring again it will result in sure defeat. Conservatives might enjoy the idea of a Clinton-Trump rematch but it should be a grave concern for Democrats.

Morris further explained that a case coming before the Supreme Court next term will all but guarantee a Trump victory.

Of course, Trump has not made any official announcement yet but Morris, and much of the conservative population, is sure Trump plans to run again and become the 47th President of the United States.

Morris seems to be just as sure that Hillary Clinton plans to take a run at becoming the Democratic nominee again and that Joe Biden will not end up running for reelection. Morris also doesn’t think the Democrats plan to back the unlikeable, unpopular Kamala Harris either.

Clinton most definitely would have a better chance than Harris but that isn’t saying much.

“Already, the Democrats are pressuring Biden not to run because they see what a disaster he would be. And Harris is no better. The line of possible alternatives is queuing up,” Morris told Newsmax on “National Report.”

“You have Gavin Newsom, governor of California, [Jared Polis] the governor of Colorado, Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary.

“But, ultimately, the left is going to have their candidates, and they’ll probably run Sanders or maybe AOC, and that will trigger Hillary into the race in order to save the Democratic Party from the left rerunning the Hillary Sanders race of ’16. And I think Hillary will win that contest. I think she and Trump will face it off, and I think Trump is going to win handily.”

Of course, Trump’s return to politics would re-energizes left’s unbridled hatred of him and he would, once again, have to deal with the onslaught of insults, criticisms, lies and propaganda against him and to an even worse degree than the first time around, however, if anyone can do it, it’s Trump.

Trump wasn’t afraid to stand up to the political establishment which is why Americans love him but this time around, his record speaks volumes and it’ll be what really gets Americans out to the ballot boxes.

Trump won’t just win with Republicans either. Moderates, Democrats, and Independents from coast-to-coast are fed up with the awful, incompetent Biden regime. Sane Americans everywhere just want life to go back to a more stable time when gas and food were affordable, our southern border was secure, and the world was not in chaos.

Americans know that time was when Trump was in office and most have confidence he can bring those times back to the US.

Bring on a Clinton-Trump rematch. It’ll be just as enjoyable watching her fail as it was the first two times.

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