JUST IN! New Shocking Proof Of Election Fraud Floods In!

(PCC)Here is the proof we’ve been waiting for! Election Fraud Deniers Shocked And Dismayed At The Sudden And Absolute Proof The Georgia 2020 Election Was Riddled With Fraud And Extreme Violations!

No longer ‘bits and scraps’ of evidence trickling in, now the floodgates have opened and a tsunami has saturated the legislature of Georgia and the America voters!

The lamestream media is desperately trying to cover-up the voluminous trove of fresh evidence but we will not be silent! The Progressive media conveniently is now covering the Iranian/Israeli war and throwing the news of the fraud Georgia election in the closet!

Wonder why?

Recent findings by the Georgia Board of Elections have brought to light concerning the massive  errors in the 2020 election in Fulton County, raising questions about the overall integrity of the process.

An extensive investigation, spanning several years, has revealed substantial  inconsistencies in both the manual vote count and the machine audit, which are clear violations of election regulations.

Joe Rossi, an investigator specializing in election fraud, revealed significant findings on Emerald Robinson’s The Absolute Truth podcast, causing a significant impact on the political scene. Rossi highlights the lack of alignment between the three vote counts from Georgia’s pivotal 2020 election, suggesting gigantic and systemic irregularities.

The investigation, which began in March 2022, uncovered significant irregularities within the electoral process, raising concerns about its integrity. The upcoming State Election Board (SEB) meeting on May 7 is expected to address these findings directly, no doubt influencing the perception of the controversial 2020 election.

The SEB2023-25 complaint faced dismissal twice before gaining momentum, with one of the defendants in Fani Willis’s RICO case, involving former President Trump, playing a crucial role in advocating for transparency. The requested information aims to either confirm or refute the allegations of electoral misconduct, highlighting the importance of this development in the search for truth.

The Georgia Record pointed out the concerning an enormous pattern of irregularities, using the 2023 municipal elections as additional proof of systemic flaws in the electoral process. Mr. Rossi’s frustration, as expressed in his statement to the AJC, reflects the feelings of numerous citizens who feel heartbroken by the authorities responsible for ensuring election integrity. They believe  these authorities ignored obvious mistakes, creating an illusion of verification while keeping the truth hidden.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of this shocking revelation, one thing remains abundantly clear: it is no longer possible to deny or deflect from the truth. The Georgia Board of Elections’ confirmation of violations in the 2020 election law should serve as a launching point to bringing the responsible perpetrators who orchestrated the fraud to face justice.

Final Word: Remember, nobody is above the law!  ….or are they?





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