JUST IN: Olympic Athlete Reveals Chilling Side Effect Of COVID Booster Shot

(Tea Party PAC) – Not only do the COVID-19 vaccines not work but they are completely and totally unnecessary for the vast majority of the population.

Anyone who is healthy is at virtually no risk of complications or death from COVID-19. Anyone who is a professional athlete and in peak physical health is most definitely not at risk of COVID-19 and therefore should not need to get vaccinated against the virus.

Nonetheless, the push to vaccinate every living being is still going strong. Athletes are not at risk from COVID instead it’s the vaccines that pose the greatest risk to their health.

Swiss sprinter and Olympian Sarah Atcho has found herself dealing with the impact of a severe reaction to the COVID-19 shots.

The 26-year-old, who is at peak physical health and condition, competed in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games but her recent experience with the COVID-19 booster shots could be life-changing for her.

On Monday, she took to social media to give a matter-of-fact account about getting the booster and what followed.

“Obviously as you know, I’m trying to be as transparent as I can and now is more important than ever,” she began her lengthy post.

“On December 22 I got my booster vaccination because I didn’t want to struggle with this when the season started. I was told that it was safer to get Pfizer (even though I had Moderna the first time) to avoid cardiac side effects,” she wrote.

A recent study found that Moderna’s vaccine is four times more likely to cause heart inflammation than Pfizer’s and Sweden and Finland have both ordered a stop to its use.

“On December 27 I felt a tightness in the chest and started feeling dizzy while walking up the stairs,” Atcho continued.

“This happened a few more times until I decided to check with a cardiologist who diagnosed me with pericarditis (inflammation of the thin membrane surrounding the heart).”

Atcho went on to say that now she is being forced to take time off from activities due to the condition.

“I have to admit that I am upset at the situation because we don’t talk enough about the side effects. I feel helpless since this is completely out of my control,” Atcho disclosed.

“I am glad the vaccine helped avoid many deaths and reduce the pressure on the hospitals and hospital staff however I am frustrated that myself as well as other young and healthy people are suffering from these heavy side effects,” she added.

Especially because it’s so totally unnecessary.

There have been other accounts of young, healthy athletes experiencing troubling and serious side effects such as myocarditis and pericarditis after receiving COVID vaccines but health officials are still insisting it’s a rare occurrence.

It seems far more common than healthy people dying of COVID-19 which generally is not happening at all.

What is most frustrating is the fact that it’s taboo to even discuss these vaccine-related injuries. Anyone who does is liable to be banned from social media and otherwise scrutinized and harassed by the powers that be.

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  1. These shots were MANDATED to our military personnel. They had no option to refuse. Many of them are of the age of Sarah Atcho and in very good physical condition BEFORE the shot.
    We have unjustly put the lives and health of our Armed Forces in unnecessary danger,
    This happens when you silence all opposition to “group think”.
    You have a Woke Mob weakening our National Security, and for what?
    Virtue Signaling?
    We have taken the Freedom away from the most dedicated of this generation; those who serve.
    We have demanded that Police, Firemen, Health Care Workers, and our Military take this Jab.
    We not only took away their Freedom and Rights, but we have done sever damage to our society in the process.

  2. This is to the parents of young children, PLEASE,PLEASE do your research on these covid vaccines before you decide to have one injected into your child! Look at the percentage of young kids that have actually died from covid that are healthy and look at the percentage of young kids that are dying or having side effects from these vaccines! Look at the survival rate which is over 99% from these covid viruses! I just don’t understand why you would go ahead and get your child vaccinated for covid with the statistic’s that are out there now. And why do these companies who came up with these vaccines want to withhold information on side effects and deaths from these vaccines or how well they worked until the year 2076? Why do you need to keep getting these covid vaccines and booster after booster shot? It is because they do not work and these companies are making bundles of money at your expense!

  3. Believing any government at face value, especially when no dissenting opinions are allowed and they’re actually censured with demented zeal is a sure sign of a stupid mind.

  4. Sarah sounds like your still in the dark!!!! This COVID shot hasn’t saved lives! These ppl that have has 1 or 2 or the booster shots are ending up in the hospitals with delta variant or Omicron and flonora. And your ALL PASSING IT ON TO OTHERS VAX OR NOT!!!!!! Vax ppl are dying and our superiors are NOT TELLING THE TRUTH on this IMPORTANT ISSUE!!!!!


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