Larry David beats Elmo on live tv

Larry David beats elmo on live tv
Larry David beats elmo on live tv - image taken from YouTube screen grab

A few days ago  an original article was posted on the Patriot Command Center which included a harmless and funny quiz and then copied to many other Patriot websites, including members comments. Little did anyone know how big of an impact was made and how the Progressive Left would fly into an outrage! OMG!

A simple article, a harmless quiz and 2 sock puppets sets off the progressive left!

Elmo’s Patriotism sparks controversy as fans are shocked on how Larry David punched and choked Elmo the helpless sock puppet!

In a surprising twist, the online community is buzzing with discussions about who has a stronger commitment to America: Elmo, the cherished Sesame Street character, or President Joe Biden. A recent incident involving comedian Larry David and the red furry Muppet has sparked a heated debate, causing a rift among fans and outrage from progressives!

The story unfolded when Elmo, renowned for his lovable character and dedication to spreading happiness among children, made a guest appearance on the Today show. However, the segment took an unexpected turn when Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, appeared to severely criticize the Muppet followed by an unrelenting attack.


The skirmish quickly gained widespread attention, David was captured engaging in aggressive antics with Elmo, grabbing the Muppet’s head and taking a swing at innocent sock puppet Elmo.

The surprising assault on chattel caused a wave of shock and distress among the show’s hosts and viewers. Today, Savannah Guthrie excitedly remarked, “Oh wow, you’re such a fan of Elmo, aren’t you?” as David walked away from the set in a huff, leaving Elmo to express his shock with a head-on “Mr. Larry, Elmo used to like you.”

Fans took to social media to express their strong disapproval and shock, with some going so far as to characterize the incident as highly inappropriate. Comments poured in on the post, which received a staggering 1.1 million views, expressing strong condemnation of Larry David’s actions and raising concerns about Elmo’s welfare.

This incident comes after another noteworthy Elmo moment earlier in the week, when the Muppet gained widespread attention for a seemingly harmless wellness check on the public. In a recent X/Twitter post, Elmo reached out, asking, “Elmo is just checking in! How is everyone faring? The responses, however, veered in an unexpected direction as people shared their deep sense of existential unease and hopelessness, attributing the challenges they encounter in present-day America to President Joe Biden.

This event caught the attention of the Patriot Command Center which ran an article posting on their site followed by numerous members also voicing their disapproval!

Several members commented: “Looks like child abuse to me! Make Him Stop! OMG!”

President Biden even responded to Elmo’s viral post, unintentionally drawing the ire of concerned citizens in the comment section. The convergence of these events has ignited a wider discussion on social media regarding patriotism and the individuals who hold a deep concern for America. One side of the debate focuses on Elmo, the beloved puppet, while the other side centers around the current president.

Although there has been some controversy surrounding Larry David’s actions, it is important to distinguish between fiction and reality. Elmo, a fictional character, has unexpectedly become a symbol in a wider conversation about the state of the nation. As online discourse intensifies, it becomes increasingly evident  the boundaries between fiction, reality, and political commentary have become increasingly indistinct.

A simple article, a harmless quiz and 2 sock puppets sets off the progressive left!

Final Word: The frustrations of the confused progressives are growing not only in frequency but in magnitude! Some have reported such outbursts of hate and anger are becoming more common place as the left is beginning to realize their platform is crumbling and their progress is withering.

The real tragedy is how a make-believe cartoon sock puppet wield such power oppose to the weak and frail Joe Biden?  …..maybe I just answered  my own question….duh!





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