LEAKED! Biden Official: Secretly Scattering Criminal Illegal Aliens Across America ‘Beautiful To Watch’

(Tea Party PAC) – During President Trump’s tenure, illegal immigration was being handled effectively and appropriately. Trump insisted that the world respect our borders and sovereignty and his policies reflected that.

That all went out the window when the Biden regime usurped the White House and our federal government via the corrupt 2020 election. Nothing has been going in favor of the US since, especially the situation at the border.

Illegal aliens have been flooding over the southern border in droves and that’s no exaggeration. There is an ongoing, unprecedented crisis along our border and neither Biden nor anyone within his regime is doing a darn thing to stop it.

Not only are they not stopping it, they’re promoting it and, apparently, enjoying it. One anonymous official within the regime has praised Biden’s lack of border policy and the streaming in of illegals since the dismantling of Trump’s immigration policies.

This official even declared that it’s “beautiful to watch.”

The unnamed official made the remarks while speaking to The New Yorker in January for an article about another official who left the administration after they actually put their foot down and refused to implement an extreme pro-amnesty take on immigration.

The departed official is Andrea Flores and she is responsible for the regime’s canceling of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy which required asylum seekers to stay in Mexico to await the adjudication of their claims.

Despite the policy being wildly successful and highly effective in reducing the flow of illegal immigrants, the Biden regime did away with it and we’re now back to illegal aliens using the asylum program as a backdoor to legal residency in the US.

Flores had designed a policy in which 13,000 asylum seekers waiting in Mexico would be allowed into the US following Biden’s termination of the Remain in Mexico policy.

“No one heard about it because it ran so smoothly,” said the official of the amnesty provided to the immigrants previously enrolled in the Remain in Mexico program under the new program.

The amnesty program involved moving the mass of migrants out of Mexican border cities by flying them across the country to various American towns and cities.

Another Biden official praised the dismantling of Trump’s immigrations policies even though in doing so it opened the US up to thousands of migrants with highly suspect claims of asylum.

“This was how government was supposed to work,” the official said. “Andrea was in charge, and it was beautiful to watch.”

This is how government “was supposed to work?” Huh? It was supposed to “work” by not doing anything at all?

According to Flores, her time in the Biden regime was marked by an administration anxious about public perception of its lenient immigration policies while being committed to providing amnesty and legalization to as many illegal aliens as possible.

The reality is, however, that the Biden regime doesn’t care at all about what the American people think or feel about the breakdown of the border and the massive in-flow of illegal immigrants.

Flores eventually left the White House when the Biden regime’s termination of the Remain in Mexico policy was overturned in the courts. She refused to reinstate a border security policy she personally opposed because of how well it actually worked.

Despite the best efforts by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Biden’s lawyers, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the Remain in Mexico policy was unlawfully and improperly terminated and supported its reinstatement.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration has been utterly dragging its feet in reimplementing the policy which Trump secured through extensive negotiation and cooperation with Mexico.

According to Breitbart, as few as 10 immigrants a day have been logged into the program with more than half of detained border crossers being released into American towns and cities.

Flores is now an immigration policy staffer for Sen. Robert Menedez of New Jersey while illegal border crossings set all-time records during Biden’s first year in the White House.

Apparently, those whose jobs it is to keep America’s border secure think it’s a “beautiful” thing to see thousands of illegal immigrants flood our borders every day rather than face the consequence of their illegal behavior.

This country is a mess.

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  1. Organized crime is running things and is responsible for inserting brain dead Biden into the presidential position. Organized crime is helping the cartels make money by pumping illegals, criminals, drug mules, etc into United States. In effect, Biden is working to help the cartels intentionally destroying our country because he’s a criminal himself.

  2. After acquiring the vote from the illegals where do they think the country would end up. A s…h… to live in. What kind of country are they forging for their children and grandchildren. The Left are singularly shortsighted when it comes to planning.
    The current strategies of build back better did not take into account that tearing down working structures would go down badly. That they will be voted out before they got very far. So now they resort to illegal ways to steal the vote since they cannot win the vote to complete their insidious plans.

  3. Totally discussing. They want to flood the country with this illegals and convert them to
    demo’s so they stay in power long enough to bring our country to its knees. They don’t
    care what it does to our citizens. They got theirs….millions & millions and don’t have to
    be concerned about the average American..they could care less…Biden, Obama, most
    of the politicians, as their money will continue to come from the government. No sweat
    their butt’s !! If we do not stop them the normal Americans will be in a world of hurt. The
    left, demo’s, the elite, power mongers, they know who they are, flush the rest of us.
    The country will become ruined and under the control of our enemies. Just take a few
    steps back and really look at this mess…totally incompetent leader the rest of the
    world is laughing……were on the Titanic you know what that means…unless America
    wakes up and flushes the toilet pretty quick. It’s really sad to look at this country and
    see what is happening now….America lost more than an election ….look who is in
    control….their isn’t enough life boats…..Thanks Biden Administration you own it!!!!


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