Left Invents New Disaster To Torture America

(PCC)Just about the time we think there in nothing more to worry about the Progressives find a new campaign to torture America. Soon they will demand drastic action, spend billions, and of course raise taxes!

Think this is a joke, keep reading!

Climate Change has been wearing thin the past several months prompting the Progressive masters to invent something new, fresh, and ominous which not only sounds deadly but is also difficult to substantiate. What might it be? What if we convinced the masses the Earth’s rotation is slowing down, time is distorting, and the planet is being thrown into chaos?


As the enlightened and evolved progressive sages gather to plan their new disaster. They chanted over and over their uniting theme: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste – “Never let a serious crisis go to waste……..”, even if it has to be invented!  Then, sure enough the dim light bulb flickered to life and they screeched in joy as they realized they found …The Mother Load! In unison they proclaimed (as they wet the pants) Earth’s Slowing Rotation means Government must increase its control on society and raise taxes! In one very rare moment they shouted: “Hallelujah” as they couldn’t stop drooling over their impeccable idea!”

The Official Announcement! (NBCNEWS – 03/27/2024)

The Earth’s rotation is slowing due to climate change, according to Nature research. Global warming’s melting polar ice is redistributing mass, changing the planet’s spin. This transformation may change our perspective of time beyond scientific curiosity.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/melting-ice-slowing-earth-rotation-may-affect-time-rcna145009

This sounds important! Duncan Agnew, a Scripps Institution of Oceanography geophysicist, studied how polar ice loss affects Earth’s angular velocity and mass redistribution. Visualizing a figure skater changing position to change spinning speed helps visualize the phenomena. As polar ice melts, water flows toward the equator, affecting the planet’s rotation.

Agnew said, “This study highlights a significant shift in the Earth’s rotation caused by human activities,” emphasizing the significance of these discoveries. Since Earth used to spin faster, the change in rotation has prompted debates concerning timekeeping methods.

DANGER! Leap seconds are needed because Earth’s rotation slows with time due to tidal friction and crustal movements.


However, Earth’s rotating speed has unexpectedly increased in recent decades, prompting concerns about removing leap seconds from universal time. Due to Earth’s rotation being affected by polar ice loss, this idea has been delayed by three years.

The delay in considering negative leap seconds emphasizes climate change’s urgency. As ice melt increases, Earth’s rotation will be affected more. As Earth accelerates, ice melt’s impact on its spin will increase, according to MIT geophysics professor Thomas Herring.

Melting arctic ice has far-reaching effects, including timekeeping difficulties. Ice loss raises sea levels, endangering coastal populations. Global warming could destabilize vital ice sheets and raise sea levels, according to experts.

IMPORTANT: The necessity for government intervention to address climate change and its widespread repercussions is growing. Tax increases could reduce carbon emissions and promote climate change efforts. These measures could fund research, infrastructure, and adaptation techniques to preserve vulnerable communities and ecosystems.

PROGRESSIVES MUST SAVE THE EARTH: As human-induced climate change slows Earth’s rotation, it shows the interdependence of natural systems and the need for immediate action. Governments must act now to address climate change’s root causes or face dire repercussions.


Final Word: The actions of the brilliant, enlightened and evolved progressive masters can be defined in just one word: TORTURE!

This is what it really means: Tax, Outlaw, Remove, Terminate, Unplug,  Regulate, Eliminate





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