Mr. Biden, Tear Down That Statue Of Liberty!

(PCC)They got away with destroying statues of Civil War heroes both Confederate and Union and who spoke up?  Many Dems are now lining up and demanding the Lincoln Memorial be dismantled as well. So, it is not surprising the Statue of Liberty is in the crosshairs of the enlightened progressive leadership.

Now, the Democrats are demanding the removal of the Statue of Liberty, what will be next?

Get this! In a recent House Oversight and Accountability Hearing on immigration, Rep. Maxwell Frost, a Democrat from Florida, sparked intense debate by suggesting a progressive idea – removing the Statue of Liberty.

The proposal is driven by the Congressman’s strong disagreement with the House GOP’s H.R.2 Secure the Border Act, a bill that seeks to limit the asylum process and resume construction on the border wall.

The direction of Frost’s argument became rather illuminating when he established a comparison between the welcoming message on the Statue of Liberty and the current situation at the border.

His suggestion, in the event Republicans continued with their stance, was to propose a bill  would advocate for the removal of the well-known symbol  welcomes immigrants with its renowned inscription: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

“Bring me the weary and displaced, I stand ready with my beacon of hope next to the entrance of opportunity” which was bellowed throughout the chamber.

This comparison, however, maybe just what the Democrats are looking for as a unifying issue for fellow Dems to finally kill the Make America Great Again movement.

The argument against the proposal highlights the importance of legal immigration, a principle valued by previous generations. Traditionally, there has been an expectation newcomers would actively contribute to American society and embrace its culture. Frost’s proposal implies a lack of respect for this long-standing tradition and suggests the Statue of Liberty, a cherished symbol of freedom and opportunity, should be taken apart.

This is interpreted by many to mean, a pile of scrape is exactly what America deserves, not a beautiful Statue of Liberty.

Moreover, the criticism brings attention to the pressing concerns at the border, including human trafficking and drug trade, which some argue are worsened by the immigration policies supported by those on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

It is important to differentiate between lawful immigration and what a border incursion. The argument suggests  supporting the invasion may not only overlook, but also contribute to the potential harm it could inflict on the country. The Biden administration’s handling of the border situation is also under scrutiny, with critics expressing concerns about the potential consequences of their approach.

Ultimately, many view Rep. Maxwell Frost’s proposal to dismantle the Statue of Liberty effort is bringing much needed attention to Democrat demands.

The ultimate question is, if the proposal to tear down the Statue of Liberty gains traction does President Biden have the authority to order the Statue’s demolition or will it fall on the Democrat Congress sworn in on January 3, 2025?

Final Word: Is there nothing Holy anymore? The Dems so committed to destroying America they will stop at nothing to end the United States as we know it. I fear if they had the power to Nuke our cities would they do it?


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