MUST-SEE: Soviet-Style Posters Mocking Biden & Fauci’s Regime Appear Overnight In D.C.

(Tea Party PAC) – Over the weekend, Leigh Wolf, a conservative communications professional, happened to notice that a bunch of Soviet-style posters depicting both President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves as his chief medical advisor, had been put up overnight in Washington, D.C.

According to WND, Wolf took pictures of the four different designs and then posted them up on Twitter, along with the caption, “Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC over night. Knowing DC it’ll be ripped down within hours…”

The first poster shows an extremely mad Biden holding a mallet that says, “OSHA” on it. There are syringes filled with vaccine shooting from the hammer. It also features the words “comply” spelled out on all four edges with each letter containing up to two syringes.

“The next depicts Biden as a saint, his head encircled by a series of syringes. Before him stands a group of obedient children all wearing masks. The caption on the drawing reads, ‘Good kids are compliant kids,'” the report says.

“‘Mandate, Segregate, Subjugate’ screams the caption on the third poster. Biden is wearing his signature Ray-Ban sunglasses. He is holding onto a model of the spiky ball that’s come to represent the coronavirus,” the report continues.

“Dr. Fauci, donning priest robes, appears on the final poster. He is holding an oversized syringe. The symbol of an atom forms a halo behind his head, and masks and cash are randomly falling in the background,” the report adds.

Not long after Wolf posted his tweet about the posters, he caught a woman tearing them down. He then recorded a brief conversation with the individual.

“Can I ask you why you’re tearing them down,” Wolf went on to ask the woman. “Should all art comply? I mean, I don’t understand. Is it affecting anyone for them to be up?”

The woman replied, “Yes, it’s a public health concern. “But I mean, it’s just art,” Wolf said in his response.

“It is dangerous. Propaganda is a tool,” she stated, going on to add, “This is bulls***.”

Jordan Schachtel, a journalist who just so happens to be a huge fan of Soviet-art, made a post about the story on the American Conservative Movement website. Wolf spoke with him and told him he didn’t have a clue who put the art together, going on to say he saw them in northwest D.C.

“Just the News reported that Tablet Magazine CTO Noam Blum had seen additional posters in another area of Washington, D.C.,” WND reported.

Despite the fact that none of these posters incited any kind of violence from folks, liberals decided they have to come down because they promote views they don’t agree with. If you aren’t down for groupthink, you’re the enemy.

Kind of sad and pathetic that so many liberals would be so agitated by artwork simply because it does not support their worldview. How often do we hear the left pride themselves on being open-minded about art, but in reality, they censor anything that doesn’t lineup with their own messaging? Ridiculous.

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  1. Since it is illegal to “deface a blm poster or mural” why wasn’t this woman charged? She committed a crime so she should pay the consequences.

  2. She is the first “Karen”, afraid of “Art”, maybe she should be checking out “Hunter’s Art Galleries” and who is buying his supposedly “Art” !


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