Olbermann’s hypocrisy – If You Can’t Beat Trump, Kill Him?

(PCC)Keith Olbermann, a prominent progressive media commentator plants the seeds of assassination of Donald J. Trump, not doubt as a means to stop Trump’s reelection by any means.

Today the Progressives are jumping for joy not only for the possibility of the financial demise of the Trump empire through the use of lawfare and weaponized judicial action, but now they are celebrating the possibility of their seeds of assassination taking root!

The Progressives salivate with anticipation over the possibility of shaping the 2024 election into a one-candidate race, with their darling Joe Biden.

In a recent incident, Keith Olbermann, a well-known progressive political commentator, made an appalling statement that goes against the principles of civilized discourse. He expressed a sentiment that is highly disturbing: “There’s always the hope”  someone will harm (assassinate) former President Donald Trump.

Olbermann’s response was prompted by a tweet from the Biden-Harris HQ X account, which pointed out Trump’s comparison of his treatment to that of Abraham Lincoln, who was tragically assassinated.

Instead of denouncing violence and advocating for unity, Olbermann opted to amplify the toxicity of political discourse by suggesting  the potential assassination of Trump would be seen as a favorable result.

This kind of language is not only morally wrong but also creates a hate-filled rhetoric making hate speech acceptable if spoken by a Progressive.

However, Olbermann’s hypocrisy seems to have no limits. Mere moments before his shocking comment, he turned to Twitter to criticize Trump for issuing a warning about the potential impact on the U.S. auto industry if he didn’t win re-election. The inconsistency in condemning perceived threats while suggesting violence is concerning and raises questions.

In other words: ‘We must save democracy by eliminating anyone we deem as an opponent to our progressive beliefs’

Many individuals from various political backgrounds have rightfully criticized Olbermann’s statements. Attorney and political podcast host Viva Frei strongly criticized him, describing his actions as disgraceful and raising concerns about his sanity. Frei’s claim  Olbermann’s legacy will be characterized by erratic behavior and dishonesty is not without basis, considering the irresponsible nature of his remarks.

In addition, Olbermann’s misrepresentation of Trump’s comments regarding the auto industry is a clear example of the risks associated with spreading false information.

Elon Musk has emerged to provide accurate information. Musk’s critique of misleading headlines and his efforts to rectify the spread of false information by certain news organizations emphasize the need to ensure  the media is responsible for their reporting.

In a Republic, it is important to reject the normalization of violence and the dehumanization of political opponents. It is important for responsible citizens, regardless of their political beliefs, to strongly condemn such behavior and strive to promote productive conversation and mutual respect.

Final Word: If they can’t bankrupt Trump, tarnish his name, extricate his massive MAGA movement or imprison him then they have no choice but to kill him.


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