Paradox of Protecting Democracy: A Smoke Screen for Its Demise

(PCC)Protecting democracy is nothing more than a weaponized scheme to destroy the very fabric of society. Protecting democracy is not in the democrats best interest because the will of the people may be contrary to the democrats demand.

In the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign, it seems  Democrats are using a new tactic – labeling any disagreement as “undermining our democracy.” It’s important to remember  elections have consequences. Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent  this rallying cry is an attempt to shift focus away from the Democratic Party’s own questionable actions and policies.

The strategy of some individuals, as observed in media and political discourse, is to label those with differing views using terms such as Hitler, Nazi sympathizer, Fascist, dictator, racist, and more.

This approach of polarization not only focuses on former President Trump but also encompasses anyone who opposes the progressive agenda of the Democrats. One must question whether this approach is a genuine attempt to safeguard democracy or a method of suppressing opposing viewpoints.

It is disappointing  instead of addressing the valid concerns raised, criticism of Trump and most Conservative’s methodology on critical issues crisis is often met with accusations of bigotry, racism, and xenophobia. This approach demonstrates a lack of willingness to participate in productive discussions and instead relies on personal attacks, which undermines the core values of democracy  the Democrats profess to uphold.

It is interesting to note  the actions of the Democrats seem to mirror the accusations they make against the Conservatives. Efforts to prevent Trump from appearing on the ballot due to allegations of an “insurrection” divert attention from urgent matters like the border crisis, economic challenges, and energy policies.

This coordinated attempt to suppress voters raises the question: who is truly undermining democracy?

It appears  the Democratic Party is heavily influenced by the liberal left, often prioritizing their needs and concerns over those of the nation. The Democrats’ self-righteous demeanor, instead of promoting unity, contributes to the erosion of democratic values.

In order to uncover the truth amidst the cacophony of politics, it is crucial for voters to pose critical inquiries regarding the positions of the parties:

  1. Which political party advocates for alterations to, or elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution?
  2. Which political party is advocating for the elimination of the Electoral College?
  3. Which party supports the idea of stacking the Supreme Court with minions who share their liberal views?
  4. Which party is in favor of adding two states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., despite the fact they have a predominantly Democratic population?

The answers reveal a clear distinction, questioning the Democratic Party’s assertion labels Conservatives as the ones undermining democracy. The proposed changes by certain individuals indicate a deviation from the democratic principles they claim to uphold. These changes range from modifying constitutional amendments to restructuring the Supreme Court and expanding the number of states.

When it comes to the upcoming 2024 elections, voters will be presented with a clear distinction between two contrasting political philosophies.

On one side, we have the party which champions free enterprise capitalism and advocates for limited government intervention, namely the Republicans.

On the other side, we have the party  promotes a form of Marxism/Socialism, which is the Democrats.

The decision may prove challenging for many young voters influenced by left-leaning educational institutions, but it remains vital for those who are passionate about preserving democracy to vote for candidates who support limited government and the rule of law.

The challenge lies in recognizing the smoke screen and discerning whether the protection of democracy is a genuine objective or simply a cover for its dismantling.

Final Word: Lets not forget the Democrat Party is the one which seceded from the United States, protected slavery at any cost, were responsible for killing 620,000 innocent men, women and whole families to protect their Democrat agenda and ultimately responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln.

Today the Neo-Confederates appear to be ready to reenact their founders ideals. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy was a Member of the House of Representatives, appointed Secretary of War, voted to go to War with Mexico, was a pro-annexation advocate, became a Senator and endorsed slavery, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, demanded a direct 5% tax on land, denounced his US citizenship so he couldn’t be tried for treason and spent only two years in prison, claiming he was innocent and did nothing wrong. Democrat President Jimmy Carter reinstated Jefferson Davis’s US citizenship.

  • Democrats founder was Jefferson Davis
  • Republican/Conservative founder was Abraham Lincoln (who the Democrats killed)


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