Private Prayer being Outlawed

Pray this demonic law doesn’t come here! Progressives are licking their lips as they review the new laws going into effect. Biblical principles have had a significant impact on shaping the governmental framework and embedding moral values within society, from inspiring the Founding Fathers to the present day.

Recent events in Australia have indicated a concerning decline in religious freedoms, as authorities are attempting to control private prayer.

In the state of Victoria, Australia, the implementation of the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 has sparked considerable apprehension within religious communities.

The legislation, which claims to protect LGBTQ individuals, enforces broad restrictions, such as prohibiting specific religious practices like prayer-based interventions and exorcisms.

It may be noted the government must view prayer as a danger holding great power and unique value, why else do they fear it’s use?

Claiming to protect vulnerable groups, the Act infringes on the essential right to religious expression and conscience. By regulating individuals’ prayers, the government is encroaching on personal beliefs and convictions. This overreach is not just a breach of religious freedom but also sets a risky precedent  endangers the diverse fabric of society.

The provisions of the Act go beyond public spaces and intrude into the privacy of people’s homes. The restrictions limit the content and purpose of prayers, essentially making certain theological teachings illegal if they go against the approved narrative.

Furthermore, the enforcement methods of the Act bring up significant concerns regarding fairness and neutrality. Having a government-appointed commission to oversee compliance may introduce subjective interpretations of religious teachings, potentially resulting in arbitrary judgments and selective enforcement.

This regulatory framework gives authorities the power to monitor religious discussions, enforcing ideological uniformity while claiming to protect marginalized communities.

At the heart of this discussion is the conflict between religious beliefs and non-religious viewpoints. Supporters of The Act advocate for giving precedence to LGBTQ rights over religious freedoms, portraying opposing beliefs as intrinsically harmful and prejudiced. Yet, this black-and-white contrast overlooks the complex interplay of religion and personal freedom in a varied community.

Detractors of the Act correctly highlight its impact on religious expression and evangelism. By making prayers for repentance or spiritual guidance illegal, the law hinders the essential role of religious communities in providing comfort and support to those in need of solace and redemption.

Restrictions on exorcisms and limitations on discussing sin weaken the fundamental beliefs of Biblical doctrine, hindering the spread of the gospel.

If the government outlaws exorcisms, will the demons be embolden?

Australia’s prohibition on prayer, even in one’s own home, is a concerning infringement on religious freedom and conscience rights. It exemplifies a larger shift towards secularization and ideological uniformity, where opposing viewpoints are suppressed in the name of progressive ideals.

Is there a possibility that family members might report each other to the authorities for praying? You may laugh, but this is exactly what happened in 1933 Germany…….how did that work out?

Final Word: Australia may seem far from America, but consider this: Do the Progressives want you to pray to anyone other than them? Exactly!



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