Profit Or Die! Great American Collapse 2024

(PCC)“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” So is the coming American collapse, an opportunity or an adversity! Biden’s progressive economic and open borders agenda about to wallop middle class Americans.

Some will survive, others will perish but a few will harvest vast profits, which group are you in?

Cataclysmic disaster slated for this new year of 2024 holds a lot of promise, but only if you can profit from an economic disaster! (…….and yes, I am a responsible capitalist!)

‘Chickens are coming home to roost’ as the Democrats are frantically searching for a way to blame Trump of what most experts call a: ‘Once In A Lifetime Disaster.’

Many skeptics are secretly ‘pulling in their horns’, piling up cash and clandestinely preparing to cash in on the Great American Collapse.

Esteemed economists issue a dire prognosis, anticipating an unprecedented economic collapse in 2024  which will surpass anything that has occurred in our lifetime. Many financiers ascribe the forthcoming catastrophe to what most considers to be the adverse consequences of liberal entitlement and giveaway policies created and implemented during the Biden administration.

The present economic condition is attributable to artificial measures, substantiating this claim with unmatched money issuance and deficits amounting to an astounding $27 trillion during the preceding 15 years. Many economists are articulated their apprehensions stating, “Since 2009, this has been entirely synthetic, unprecedented deficits and money printing—exactly $27 trillion over fifteen years.” This is completely artificial and off the charts; therefore, Americans are in a perilous situation.”

Economists fault excessive stimulus expenditure and overvalued markets have placed the markets in a precarious position. The formation of the bubble, which commenced in late 2021, and indications became apparent in 2022, when the Nasdaq experienced a 38% decline. Comparing it to the collapse of 1929-1932, he forecasts  the “everything bubble” will burst in 2024, with possible repercussions including a 96% decline in cryptocurrencies, an 86% decline in the S&P, and a 92% decline in the NASDAQ.

Button down the hatches and prepare for an imminent calamity as the repercussions of misguided economic policies such as excessive taxation and massive illegal immigration implode! Together with excessive money issuance, many argue these policies have produced an artificial economic environment which is ultimately unsustainable.

In light of the recent record-breaking performances of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the year-end market rally, gurus are secretly advising their clients to “get out of the way” in order to prevent catastrophic losses.

But the secret is out and now Americans are preparing themselves from the impending collapse and potentially reinvest at substantially reduced prices in the future, according to an army of prognosticators.

Notable economists are now speaking out giving a scathing critique of the Federal Reserve’s position, specifically their recent announcement  they will discontinue the initiative to curb inflation. The Federal Reserve’s attempt to control interest rates will fail and instead result in deflation, which has not occurred since the 1930s. The resulting asset bubble collapse will cause prices to plummet on everything, but housing in particular, providing individuals with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire properties at substantially reduced costs.

The convergence of liberal policies, excessive money production, and economic mismanagement will result in an unprecedented financial collapse. In light of the imminent “biggest crash of our lifetime,” the nation’s economic resilience or the validity of stern warnings will depend on the passage of time.

Final Word: This is not a good way to start a new year but it is very possible the Democrat masters will step aside and allow Trump to win the Presidency so he is stuck trying to fix the problem and have an ‘escape goat’ to blame. Then again, the Dems may not give a ‘rats ass’ about the America people and just look for way to grab more power during the collapse!

Don’t worry, it will be for the greater good, to preserve Democracy and to protect and support all those who agree with the Democrats!

What could go wrong?


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