Progressives are dancing in the streets for another voter-cheat system

(PCC)“A brilliant success! Congratulations and High-Fives” Filled the air as the new vote cheating-trick was launched. This ‘dry-run field test’ is being hailed as another successful trick in the Dems magic vote bag! The progressives have perfected another voter-cheat system and their field test went swimmingly well! Progressives are dancing in the streets because now they feel they can defeat Trump once again with massive voter fraud and a fresh, new, bullet proof voter-cheat system!

Headlines:  Mail-In Ballot ‘Error’ Results in Thousands of Uncounted Votes in Primary

A shocking development has been discovered as the Chicago Board of Elections revealed a massive mistake in the calculation process of the March 19th Democratic primary for the Cook County state attorney position. Shockingly, a substantial number of over 10,000 mail-in ballots were ‘overlooked’ and remained uncounted. The consequences of this oversight have the potential to impact the outcome of the closely contested race.

This incident, reminiscent of the controversies  surrounded the 2020 presidential election, highlights the ongoing difficulties associated with mail-in ballots. Despite numerous instances of malfunction and mismanagement, why do we persist in relying on this flawed system? Does anyone need an answer?

Several behind the scenes informants stated the error was uncovered by the city’s director of public information, who acknowledged the omission of the ballots from the count. The current situation has resulted in a deadlock between Democratic candidates Eileen O’Neill Burke and Clayton Harris III, with both securing an equal 50 percent of the vote. However, O’Neill Burke maintains a slight advantage with a narrow lead of approximately 4,800 votes. But now because of the ‘discovered uncounted votes’ a new winner may emerge.

Max Bever, the Public Information Officer of the Chicago Board of Elections, expressed very deep sorrow and heartfelt regret for the innocent mistake and took complete accountability for the slight oversight and apologized profusely!  Some bystanders said he vowed this minor mistake will never happen again!

Bever recognized the seriousness of the situation and reassured the public important and powerful steps are being taken to correct ‘one-time’ mistake. Voting is set to resume, with efforts underway to ensure the most accurate inclusion of the overlooked ballots the world has ever seen!

Some argue  mail-in balloting is more susceptible to errors and manipulation, as demonstrated by the recent incident in Chicago. In addition, the extended counting process and the possibility of ballots arriving late and affecting election results only contribute to eroding public confidence in the authenticity of the outcomes.

Election officials in Illinois have until April 2nd to count all mail-in ballots that were postmarked by March 19th, according to state laws. Nevertheless, considering the importance of the Cook County state attorney race and the attention it has received, there is a strong anticipation for a prompt resolution.


OMG! Progressives discovered more uncounted ballots throwing the election to their favorite candidate, perfect! Dem vs Dem, no one will sue, or complain and the loser could get a fat-cat job for being a test subject crash-dummy! Winner……got the job!

Final Word: Once again the Progressives are up to no good! Why didn’t this happen in a Republican primary race?  It seems only when a Dem is involved is there missing, late, and uncounted ballot and just enough for their selected candidate to win!     WOW! The Luck!


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