QUIZ: Biden’s Top Secret Garage Documents, What Will Happen To Them?

(PCC)Good News: Bidens stash of thousands of top-secret documents doesn’t include launch codes for a nuclear strike and America does have to worry about the nuclear football, he hides it under the dog bed in the guest room!

Following an extensive investigation spanning a year and casting a shadow over the 2024 presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Hur has concluded no charges will be recommended against President Joe Biden regarding his management of classified documents during his time out of office.

Despite the available evidence suggesting Biden knowingly kept thousands top-secret documents, Hur’s report portrays the President as an elderly individual with memory challenges, which raises questions about his level of responsibility.

In other words: ‘Innocent by reach on senility’.

The conclusions of the extensive 388-page report have provided resolution to an investigation closely examined Biden’s handling of classified top-secret information, which were found in multiple places, such as the garage, bathroom, back porch and guest room in his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Numerous top-secret documents, spanning several decades and dating back to the 1970s, have been discovered, providing valuable insights into Biden’s actions during his time as vice president and beyond.

Hur’s team pointed out Biden’s apparent memory weaknesses during interviews, raising questions about his determination and resolve. Biden’s legal team strongly challenged the portrayal of his memory, pointing to the President’s numerous responsibilities throughout the investigation period. Many are openly stating “Biden is as sharp as a spoon’!

The decision not to pursue charges against Biden is made in the midst of ongoing legal battles involving top-secret classified documents, highlighting the intricate nature of such cases. Although the investigation has been completed, there are still lingering concerns regarding the way Biden handle sensitive information and the effectiveness of accountability measures.

According to Biden, “This matter is now closed,” indicating his intention to shift attention towards governing priorities following the conclusion of the investigation.

Nevertheless, Hur’s report has far-reaching implications that go beyond Biden’s exoneration, prompting a deeper examination of the complex dynamics of accountability when it comes to top-secret classified information.

Final Word: Now that Biden has been exonerated from keeping secret documents in his garage what will happen to all those top-secret files?

Pop Quiz:

Here are your choices:

  1. Hunter sells them on eBay to pay for his cocaine habit
  2. Biden auctions them off as a fundraiser, proceeds go to his reelection campaign
  3. Jill Biden fashions them into papier-mâché hats to give to big donors
  4. All of the above.


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