SHOCK POLL: Americans Say ‘Biggest Threat To Democracy’ Is The ‘Mainstream Media’

(Tea Party PAC) – The Biden regime and the Democrats have tried their hardest to convince Americans that President Trump and conservative Americans are the biggest threat to the US and democracy. They’ve used the sham Jan. 6 committee, the FBI and the establishment media as tools in this pursuit.

Unfortunately for them, most Americans see the truth and aren’t fooled by their blatant lies and propaganda.

While claiming to “defend democracy,” Democrats have made it clear as day they’re actually the ones trying to destroy it.

A new New York Times/Siena poll of registered voters has revealed that the same number of Americans who think Trump is a threat, view Biden the same. The real kicker, however, is that a staggering majority believe the greatest threat to the US is the news media. Ouch.

The recent polling suggested that Democrats’ efforts to bring down Trump and conservatives through investigations, prosecutions, and political stigmatization, they’ve actually only made Americans fearful of them.

A whopping 71% of registered voters said they believe “American democracy is currently under threat,” according to the Times/Siena poll. Among those voters, 67% view Trump as a threat, with 45% calling him a “major threat” and 22% calling him a “minor threat.”

Meanwhile, 60% say Biden is the threat to democracy with 38% calling him a “major threat” and 22% calling him a “minor threat.”

Among independents, 70% view Trump as some sort of threat to democracy and 62% say the same about Biden.

The most interesting result of the poll, however, is that more voters view the mainstream media as the threat to democracy than Trump, Biden, the Democrats, Republicans, the Supreme Court, Electoral College, or voting by mail.

A striking 84% of these voters view the media as a threat to democracy with 59% calling them a “major threat” and 25% calling them a “minor threat.” Only 15% of those who believe Democracy is under threat, don’t blame the media.

This view of the media was bipartisan with 95% of Republicans, 83% of independents, and 70% of Democrats calling the media a threat. However, only 38% of Democrats deemed the media a “major threat” while 80% of Republicans and 53% of independents reported the same.

The media has repeatedly got fully on board with the false narratives of the political left including the debunked Russia collusion hoax and most recently that Trump and his allies are a threat to national security as a result of the FBI’s unprecedented and politically motivated raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Sadly, many Americans have bought into the lies but many, many more are taking a stand and refusing to buy into the Biden regime’s propaganda.

Biden and his political allies have repeatedly labeled Trump and his allies and supporters as dangers to the very foundations of America, warning that democracy itself is under attack, and contending it is them and only them who can save it.

Of course, they have stated all this while actively trying to destroy the US with one crisis after another. Americans can see the truth with our own eyes. We don’t need the lying, corrupt media to tell us what’s really going on. They refuse to anyway.

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