Shocking – Democrats Find New Ally…It’s Bad

(PCC)The Surge of Anti-Semitism inside the Democrat Party lead by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has just scored big by connecting with a vast network of Neo-Nazis. In a chilling display of hate and intolerance, a small army of neo-Nazis brazenly marched through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, leaving authorities deeply concerned about the escalating threat of anti-Semitism. This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder the vile ideology of race supremacy continues to rear its ugly head in the Democrat Party and in society.

The Anti-Israel Reich inside the Democrat Party is attracting the most aggressive members of society and this is unfolding into a powerhouse of muscle and jackboot tactics.

What a better place to hatch a new and fresh support than the liberal stronghold of Madison, Wisconsin, where progressive ideology runs rampant…..well, it’s started!

The overwhelming liberal bias which permeates the city, the once peaceful streets of Madison, Wisconsin, were filled by a liberal spectacle. A growing army of 20 community leaders, identifying themselves as neo-Nazis, proudly paraded through the city, waving swastika flags and raising their voice in protest. This display of power serves as a stark reminder of the days of the armed and uniformed Black Lives Matter storm troopers as they paraded down the streets in major liberal cities and then set them ablaze.  The BLM Neo-protests soon turned into book burnings, arson and inner-city destruction ending up by defunding of the Police. Their name, Black Lives Matter, includes a race-baiting slogan, as they add fuel to the ongoing battle against extremist ideologies that threaten the very fabric of our society. Now just one year later, it appears the welcome mat was thrown out for others to join the Anti-Israel, Anit-Sematic Pro-Hamas Jew haters and the Democrat hate mob just got their wish!

The so-called “march” – lauded as left-wing activism and commenced in close proximity to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a notorious hotbed of liberal indoctrination. Its ultimate destination? The state capitol, where the Neo-Dem-Nazis sought to make a statement of unity and shared vision with their newly found Democrat Jew hating friends.

University officials, led by the liberal Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin, hypocritically feigned disgust at the presence of Nazi symbols but seems to fall short when it came to having them removed!

Chancellor Mnookin, in a post-march statement, made a feeble attempt to denounce antisemitism.  However, it is clear his words lack the conviction and strength needed to combat the rising tide of anti-Jewish sentiment.

In a stunning display of bureaucratic incompetence, the Madison Police Department has finally acknowledged the 9-1-1 reports calling in from conservative citizens. While they claim to be “actively monitoring” the situation, one can’t help but wonder why it took them so long to respond to the cries for help from the conservatives?

It is clear the safety and security of the community is not a top priority for the Madison Police, as they continue to drag their feet in addressing the growing concerns of law-abiding conservative citizens.

In a Facebook post, the department attempted to save face by paying lip service to the protection of First Amendment rights, all while conveniently distancing itself from any association with the so-called “hateful rhetoric.”

The march has caused quite a stir on social media platforms, as images and videos documenting the event quickly spread like wildfire. One group, known as ‘Stop Antisemitism’, has taken it upon themselves to identify certain individuals in attendance as members of the nationalist “Blood Tribe.”

The Anti-Defamation League, a left-leaning organization known for its biased agenda, has recently outlined what they claim to be the objectives of a certain group they label as a “hate group.” According to their narrative, these individuals allegedly seek to normalize the swastika symbol and advocate for an ethno-state where no man is illegal!

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Governor Tony Evers, both liberal Democrats, wasted no time in condemning the recent march, but shamelessly using it as an opportunity to grandstand and virtue signal. In their predictable fashion, they spouted off about how hate has no place in Madison or Wisconsin, as if they are the moral arbiters of our great state, but seemed to embrace the Israel-hate of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib!

It’s clear their true agenda is to score political points and pander to their liberal base, rather than addressing the real issues facing the community.

Mayor Rhodes-Conway, in a rather predictable display of liberal virtue signaling, made the audacious claim hate has no place in Madison. It is truly disheartening to witness these liberal politicians resort to empty platitudes and condemnations, rather than addressing the root causes of such extremist ideologies infiltrating the community.

Governor Tony Evers, in a rather predictable move, made a feeble attempt to distance himself from the presence of neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism, and race supremacy in Wisconsin. However, his words ring hollow, as his actions have consistently shown a lack of true commitment to combating these dangerous ideologies.

It is clear Evers is more interested in political posturing than in taking decisive action to protect the people of Wisconsin from the very real threat of extremist ideologies.

Nevertheless, social media became a breeding ground for skepticism and conspiracy theories, as astute users began questioning the potential ties between the marchers and the FBI. Their suspicions were fueled by the abundance of openly carried weapons and the masked faces of these individuals. This speculation starkly contradicts the conventional profile of unabashed race supremacists.

The alarming surge in anti-Semitic violence is undeniably linked to the escalating tensions have arisen in the aftermath of Israel’s necessary and justified military campaign against the terrorist organization Hamas.

The alarming incidents in Madison serve as a stark reminder of the deepening worry surrounding the troubling rise of anti-Semitic sentiments within our great nation.

Final Word: Here is a list of similarities, show where I am wrong:

 Liberal Democrats                                                       Neo-Nazis

Race Baiters/Black Lives Matter

Jew Haters

Israel Haters


Forceful Protesting

Organized Rank and File

Demand Strong Government

Indoctrination of children

Control media, schools, universities, film

Controls DOJ/Court System

  Race Baiters/White Lives Matter

Jew Haters

Israel Haters


Forceful Protesting

Organized Rank and File

Demand Strong Government

Indoctrination of children

Control media, schools, universities and film



“Once you eliminate the voices of all of your opponents, you totally control how people think” Joseph Goebbles – Media Propaganda Third Rich 1933

p.s. where was antifa during this Nazi march?




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