Treasure Trove Of Massive Illegal Votes Uncovered

(PCC)Volunteers stumbled over 1,000,000 pieces of evidence ‘a vast stash of voter irregularities previously hidden from inspectors!’

Recent discoveries in Ohio have uncovered shocking inconsistencies in the state’s voter database, raising questions about the integrity and adherence to regulations during the 2022 election.

The Ohio team collected more than a million pieces of evidence of apparent violations of law that called into serious question the accuracy of Ohio’s statewide voter roll database at the time of the 2022 general election and its subsequent certification. Inspectors are baffled on how they could have missed such a trove of voters information!

Volunteer investigators from Ohio diligently conducted a thorough analysis of publicly available voter data across all 88 counties in the spring of 2021.  They discovered over the following year was extremely disturbing. Investigators were left baffled and alarmed by the irregularities discovered within hundreds of thousands of records in Ohio’s voter rolls, as they struggled to find coherent explanations.

In late summer of 2022, their findings prompted them to contact Marly Hornik, co-leader of New York Citizens Audit, whose team had previously discovered similar vast discrepancies in New York State’s data. Teaming up with Harry Haury, a seasoned professional in cybercrime and election law, they established United Sovereign Americans and developed a legal approach focused on protecting the integrity of the upcoming 2024 election.

Their approach, based on federal civil rights law and Supreme Court precedent, highlighted the importance of closely following election laws. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires the election rolls to be accurate.

However, the Ohio team has collected a mountain of evidence suggesting potential violations, which casts doubt on the integrity of Ohio’s voter database during the 2022 election and its subsequent certification.

One of the most concerning discoveries was the presence of evidence indicating a massive number of voters in Ohio had registered with birthdates that appeared to be before their actual dates of birth.

There were further discrepancies discovered in the voter files! A wide range of irregularities, including:

  • Incorrect birthdates
  • People registering to vote before they were born
  • Multiple registration records
  • Varying identification numbers
  • Nonexistent people

Federal law governing elections specifies that the error rate in Ohio’s 2022 election allowed a mere 34 errors. Instead, the election in Ohio had been certified despite 713,296 apparent voting violations.

In addition, the difference between the reported number of votes cast and the records of legally registered voters has raised suspicions, underscoring a fundamental discrepancy questions the integrity of fair elections.

  • 158,209 resided in an apartment or in a mobile home lot but had no unit number as required on their voter registration application to ensure proper delivery of mail, including mail-in ballot material.
  • 4,143 were older than the oldest person in the US at the time or were too young to legally register.
  • 6,348 had a date of birth that was different in 2022 than it was in 2020.
  • 253,486 voters supposedly registered on January first, 84,221 voters registered on another Federal holiday and 201,693 voters registered on Sunday – all times when Ohio boards of elections and state offices are closed.
  • 120,094 had registration dates in the 2022 state voter file that were EARLIER than their registration date IN THE 2020 FILE. 59,025 people were listed as registering to vote BEFORE they were born.
  • 243,583 had state identification numbers that had changed since 2020 even though federal laws require each voter be issued “a unique state identifier.” 34,233 had 2 to 5 registration records with different state identification numbers, making it possible for them to vote more than once.

Following the recent findings, the Ohio team has submitted a detailed report to Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State, expressing serious concerns regarding violations of legal standards and potential encroachments on voters’ civil and constitutional rights.

However, the Secretary of State’s office told fellow colleagues these few discrepancies were simply human error and technical deficiencies, that’s all! Nothing to be concerned about! Of course this explanation shifts the blame away from any potential nefarious meddling of voter data.

In the future, United Sovereign Americans, working with the Ohio team, is ready to take legal action to protect the integrity of the electoral process. Seeking injunctive relief in federal court and promoting adherence to federal and state laws are top priorities for the organization.

Final Word: Volumes of nefarious activities seem to be bubbling to the surface in Ohio revealing a likely underbelly of possible criminal activity. As mountains of shocking inconsistencies pile up it begs the question: Which party benefitted the most from these ‘shocking inconsistencies’?

What party do you think benefited the most from voter irregularities?

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  1. Republican Party
  2. Democratic Party
  3. Green Party
  4. Beer Party

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