Trump Sentenced To Corporate Death

(PCC)f you don’t think the Progressives will not kill anything or anyone who challenges them then you have been living under a rock! Trump must be killed anyway shape or form are the progressives wet-dream!

Legal experts are calling it the “corporate death penalty,” a move has never been seen before and has unclear consequences.

In a surprising ruling on Tuesday, a Manhattan judge determined  Donald Trump had committed widespread and ongoing fraud through the Trump Organization, effectively mandating the dissolution of his company, according to financial crime specialists in New York.

The ruling, issued by New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, is extremely harsh, potentially leading to prolonged legal disputes between Trump, James, and the judge before any definitive measures can be implemented.

Such a penalty is extremely uncommon, with the only similar attempt being James’s pursuit of the corporate death penalty in her ongoing fraud lawsuit against the NRA, which ultimately did not succeed.

John Moscow, a former financial-crimes prosecutor for the Manhattan district attorney’s office, commented on the significant judgment, highlighting its implications for the company’s future and the court’s role in distributing its assets.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron’s ruling thoroughly discredits Trump’s arguments and provides a comprehensive account of his fraudulent activities in a detailed 35-page document. In a concise and decisive two-paragraph order, corporate licenses are promptly revoked.

The first paragraph requires the prompt revocation of all corporate licenses held by Trump, his sons, the Trump Organization, and its affiliated LLCs, while the second paragraph directs the suggestion of potential independent receivers to supervise the dissolution within ten days.

Moscow, currently a senior counsel at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss in New York, emphasized the clear evidence of fraud while recognizing the uncertainties surrounding the ongoing process.

Regardless of the ruling, Trump maintains ownership of his properties, as pointed out by Moscow and Diana Florence, an experienced Manhattan financial-crimes prosecutor currently working in the private sector. They compare the situation to losing a driver’s license without giving up ownership of the vehicle.

Florence highlighted the practical consequences of losing a corporate charter, which would prevent the organization from participating in activities like obtaining loans or government contracts.

She characterized the dissolution as similar to corporate bankruptcy, but carried out through legal channels, a process  is infrequent and intricate.

In practice, a designated receiver would oversee the company’s operations, which involve tasks such as rent collection, tax and bill payments, and the distribution of remaining assets once debts have been resolved.

Florence highlighted a significant judgment being pursued by the attorney general, which could potentially increase the company’s liabilities.

Florence confidently dismissed the possibility of Trump evading through forming a new corporation outside New York. She emphasized  Trump’s authority is superseded by the receiver, who is accountable to the court.

Attorneys representing Trump and the attorney general have a final pretrial hearing scheduled before the judge on Wednesday.

Final Word:  Progressive liberal movement is ruthless and callous without a doubt. Trump has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to New Year and has proudly been a ‘New Yorker’ for decades but what thank you does he get? An old fashioned fxcking over! …..and for what? The court evaluated the Trump Towers without question and Trump complete financial statement without appraisal or reconsidering. Why? Because he is the leader of the MAGA Movement.

Something has got to change!


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