Veteran 94, Booted From Nursing Home To Make Room For Illegal Aliens

Outrageous! The Biden Doctrine craps on veterans and loves Illegal Aliens! In a country where the way its soldiers are treated reflects its values, the recent situation of 94-year-old Army veteran Frank Tammaro has stirred up both sadness and anger.

Tammaro, a New York resident, was suddenly booted from his nursing home after five years to accommodate Illegal Aliens, highlighting a troubling lack of consideration for those who have contributed to their country.

The story reported by Fox News sheds light on a concerning pattern where veterans are being displaced to make room for Illegal Aliens. “I felt horrible,” Tammaro expressed in an interview with a news outlet. Being booted from a home is a serious matter.

The senior citizen, who bravely served during the Korean War fixing telephone lines for the Army Signal Corps, had discovered peace and support at the Island Shores Senior Residence before having to leave.

What’s the cause? The facility was repurposed to accommodate Illegal Aliens, causing Tammaro and other veterans to be displaced and overlooked.

This decision is incredibly heartless. Tammaro, a dedicated individual who served his country, now feels neglected as resources are being diverted to support individuals who have entered the country illegally.

Barbara Annunziata, daughter of Tammaro, voiced doubt about the assurances provided by authorities regarding the closure of Island Shores. “We were aware that something was going to be placed in there,” Annunziata stated. “They kept insisting that it would be sold.” “They’re planning to sell it.” That’s the message they repeatedly conveyed to me.

The situation highlights the difficulties veterans encounter in obtaining appropriate care and housing. Despite his sacrifices for his country, Tammaro faced challenges in finding a suitable facility and ultimately decided to live with his daughter, who now takes care of him full-time.

Choosing to prioritize the accommodation of Illegal Aliens over veterans like Tammaro has generated significant criticism. Amid the growing number of asylum seekers, concerns are being raised about the Biden administration’s priorities regarding resource allocation and services.

The decision to place Illegal Aliens in facilities designed for elderly individuals has attracted public attention. Protesters assembled outside Island Shores, voicing their anger over the booting of veterans to accommodate Illegal Aliens.

This decision has far-reaching implications beyond the specific injustices experienced by veterans such as Tammaro. This situation prompts broader inquiries into the care for individuals who have served their nation and the government’s focus on handling the issues related to southern border invasion.

When asked about the situation, Homes for the Homeless, the organization overseeing the transition, chose not to provide a comment. Yet, the absence of response clearly indicates a disregard for the responsibility and care for veterans in light of such choices.

Final Word: Ultimately, Frank Tammaro’s story is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by veterans and the moral duty of a nation to respect their service. To replace honored men of valor with trespassers who broke the law coming here and continue to break the law by staying here is outrageous and evil! Something has to change!


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