Virtual Biden?

(PCC)Is this science fiction or tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory? Think again. As far-fetched as this may sound it is a chess piece the Progressives may play!

The 1997 film “Wag The Dog” tells the story of a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer who collaborate to create a fictional war to divert attention from a Presidential scandal. As the story progresses, they successfully deceive millions of voters into believing their fabricated narrative. So, could an AI-generated candidate be a possibility today? And if so, would the average person even pay attention?

Currently, given the significant growth of Artificial Intelligence A.I., there is a potential for this Wag The Dog story to manifest as a real-life Hollywood deception aimed at influencing voters to reelect Biden. It’s clear the Democrat Party needs to either find a new candidate to replace Biden or come up with a strategy to convince voters he is capable of serving another four years.

Now, it’s time to pose a few questions:

  • Can the White House assert Biden was simply feeling unwell and has since made a full recovery?
  • Has Biden received advanced therapy which has led to his recovery?
  • Is Biden still functional or does the Progressives already have him ‘on ice’

If the Progressive choose to go down that path, they could present the ‘before the therapy’ and ‘after the therapy’ narratives to deceive the voters. However, both depictions could potentially be generated by artificial intelligence, leading viewers to falsely believe Biden is doing well, when in reality, he may be on hold.

The advancements in A.I. have reached a point where it is incredibly challenging for viewers to differentiate between human actors and those generated by A.I. Is it possible this emerging technology could be utilized to reconstruct Joe Biden as an artificial intelligence entity?

A.I. has advanced so far it is impossible for the audience to distinguish between human actors and A.I. generated actors. Could this new technology be used to rebuild Joe Biden into a A.I. character, will his excuse of his rapid and overnight rebirth of character be explained on a new drug he is taking but in fact he has become a A.I. generated candidate?

Will Biden be the first A.I. candidate unbeknownst to the voting public? Sounds crazy? Think Again! If Joe Biden Can’t Win in 2024, maybe A.I. can win for him!

A.I. systems can identify high-action and emotional movie scenes and bring them out to help editors make enticing trailers. A real-life example of A.I. in movie editing is the IBM Watson program was used to create a trailer for the science fiction film “Morgan”. A.I. can also be great for editing full-length movies or complete fabrication of nonexistent characters.

Picture a situation where a well-liked politician undergoes an unexpected transformation, with their familiar traits being replaced by a flawless digital replica virtually identical to the original. Is this the future of political campaigning?

A.I. systems have advanced to the extent  they can imitate human actors with remarkable precision, not to mention fading politicians. These systems have the ability to recognize intense and emotionally charged scenes in movies, making them ideal for crafting captivating trailers or producing realistic performances. A.I. has become an essential tool in the entertainment industry, playing a crucial role in casting actors and editing full-length movies.

But imagine if this technology were used in the realm of politics?

As the 2024 election approaches, there are rumors suggesting  Biden’s recent change is not due to any new medication or rejuvenation therapy, but rather an innovative experiment in A.I. manipulation.

Think this is malarky? Then how do you explain Globalist Bill Gates recent push for A.I. technology driven journalism?

Microsoft, with its innovative vision to transform journalism and foster an aggressive information ecosystem, leads the way in this cutting-edge domain. Through collaboration with news organizations, Microsoft seeks to utilize generative A.I. to shape public opinion and have an impact on democratic elections globally.

The implications are significant. Is it possible for A.I. to be utilized in shaping a meticulously constructed political narrative that downplays inconvenient realities and promotes a carefully curated perception of achievement? A.I.-driven journalism has the potential to become a formidable tool in the hands of those who wield it, allowing for the suppression of opposing perspectives and the manipulation of public opinion.

Final Word: Biden will have one of three possible outcomes.

First, he can run in his current declining state and lose.

Second, he (willing or unwillingly) can be replaced with another candidate.

Third, he can be fabricated into an A.I.  caricature.

p.s. How can America be certain he hasn’t already been replaced? If one’s perception of reality is solely based on television, it raises the question of: Can a television broadcast be generated by artificial intelligence?




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