Who Cares More For America: Elmo or Biden?

(PCC)Firstly, it is widely acknowledged Elmo and Biden are both seen as sock puppets, but Elmo’s intelligence is evident in how he not only supports the American people but also highlights Biden’s ineptitude!!  Think this is a joke?….you had better keep reading!

In an unexpected twist, Sesame Street’s popular character, Elmo, used social media to conduct a wellness check  revealed a surge of existential dread and despair among Americans.

Guess what happened? Yup the responses poured in, with numerous individuals expressing their distress over the economy, inflation, and the current state of affairs in America under Joe Biden’s leadership.

Elmo’s curious question, “Elmo is just checking in! How is everyone doing?”

Elmo’s harmless question opened the flood gates of outrages response filled with frustrations and anxieties.

One responder pointed out the somber truth of recent events, stating:

“Three Americans tragically lost their lives this weekend due to bombings.” Several more people were injured. Weeks before two soldiers tragically lost their lives at sea in connection with the recent military engagement in the Middle East. So we are experiencing a challenging three years. Thank you for inquiring, Elmo.

Others raised concerns about broader geopolitical issues, with one person questioning:

“Elmo, we are on the brink of a potential global conflict, and some of the celebrities you associate with have connections to individuals involved in illegal activities.”

One user asked, “Have you been to the grocery store lately, Elmo?”

Elmo, Do you happen to drive? Have you ever had to fill up a gas tank?

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT For America, expressed concern about the current state of America, “America is struggling, Elmo,” ACT For America founder Brigitte Gabriel  “We need Trump back!”

“Even Wile E. Coyote was determined and dedicated to achieving his goals, I wish I could say that about Biden!”

Financial and job issues were also common topics, with one user sharing:

“Elmo, I just lost my job,”

“Elmo, I’m feeling down and struggling financially.”

Joe Biden responded to Elmo: Our friend Elmo is correct: It is important to support one another, extend a helping hand to a neighbor in need, and most importantly, be willing to seek assistance when we require it. Despite the challenges, you are never alone,” Biden wrote.

I’m stopping here and asking you a serious question: Why did socket Puppet Elmo ask about the well being of America but socket puppet Biden was too busy napping to even care?

Roger Stone made a remark suggesting  perhaps the Democrats should consider nominating someone else instead. The criticism intensified, with one person accusing Biden of being a mere figurehead and another reminding him of a contentious statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst Elmo’s thoughtful check-in, it appears  the responses reveal a broader worry among Americans regarding the condition of the nation, with criticism being aimed at the Biden administration for various issues.

What a terrible event! It is quite remarkable how a certain individual, who is known for their This individual even went as far as seeking the opinions and feelings of the people. Quite an interesting observation, indeed.

Final Word: Tragedy! A cartoon sock puppet has more concern about the wellbeing of America demonstrating a willingness for active involvement in public matters, displayed a greater level of concern for the welfare of our nation compared to the current President of the United States.

Quiz: Which one of these sock puppets has cared enough to even ask the American people about their wellbeing.

  1. Elmo – a brainless Sesame Street sock-puppet cartoon character
  2. Biden – President of the United States
  3. Wile E. Coyote – cartoon character always pursuing the Road Runner

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