WOW: Kamala Harris Exposed As Climate Denier

(PCC)OMG! In a shocking revelation, it has come to light Vice President Kamala Harris has been concealing her true stance on climate change. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the environmentalist community, as many had placed their hopes on Harris to champion their cause only to have their hopes ‘go up in smoke’.

However, it appears secretly behind closed doors, the Vice President may be harboring her secret life as a climate denier and now after exposer throws cold water on the validity of climate science.

Underground sources also are claiming Harris is secretly using a planet killing gas clothes dryer, filthy gas-powered furnace, drives a fossil fuel guzzling powered automobile and has her illegal alien gardeners use pollution generating gasoline powered lawn mower on her estates lawn!

The shock is overwhelming!

Harris Thanksgiving Photo Sparks Controversy over Radical Climate Agenda as Harris proudly displays her hypocrisy, Vice President Kamala Harris recently shared a photo of herself preparing a Thanksgiving meal, in reckless disregard using a ‘….wait for it………’ gas stove.  ☹

This blatant disregard for her own administration’s climate policies has ignited a fierce debate on the left’s radical agenda to eliminate fossil fuels.

While Harris and her liberal cohorts preach about the urgent need to combat climate change, they seem to conveniently forget their own very large carbon big-footprint. Gas stoves are on the Democrat must ‘unwanted’ list and soon to be criminal if a family is found to own one!

The Vice President’s actions have come under scrutiny as critics wasted no time in highlighting the glaring contradiction between her stance and the administration’s previous proposition to prohibit the installation of new gas stoves.

Now questions are swirling about what else is Harris hiding? If she is secretly using climate destroying utilities, then is she also using cocaine in the White House? (this is only speculation)

In a shocking revelation, Richard Trumka Jr., the prominent figurehead of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has brazenly declared his support for an outrageous proposal – a complete and unlimited ban on gas stoves.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Trumka Jr. shamelessly revealed  this radical idea is being seriously considered and may become law!

He fervently underscored the looming health risks linked to these appliances, boldly proclaiming  “items  cannot be rendered safe must be prohibited.”

In a blatant display of government overreach, the Department of Energy (DOE) has shamelessly proposed a new regulation which seeks to impose burdensome energy efficiency standards on new gas stoves.

Critics argue  this intrusive measure is yet another example of the left’s agenda to control every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the way we prepare it. It is imperative  we remain vigilant and protect our individual liberties from these

In a stunning revelation, it has come to light  a staggering 38% of American households, which translates to a mind-boggling 40 million homes, are shamelessly dependent on the use of natural gas for their cooking needs. This alarming statistic raises serious concerns about the state of our nation’s energy consumption and the potential consequences it may have on our environment and economy.

This alarming statistic serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive reliance on devil gas stoves and the potentially devastating consequences  any ill-advised regulatory alterations could have on countless American households.

Final Word: I am deeply concerned about the alarming revelations surrounding Sleep Joe’s unabashed display of his fossil fuel-gulping Corvette. However, the recent exposure of Kamala Harris’s secret life has left me pondering the extent of her clandestine activities.

It begs the question: what other questionable endeavors has she been involved in?

Are these rumors, which have been circulating with fervor, indeed grounded in truth?

Is Harris shamelessly contributing to the destruction of our environment by utilizing greenhouse gas emissions refrigerators and freezers? And let’s not forget about her audacious act of warming her grandma’s house with a space heater, completely disregarding the energy crisis we are facing.

But perhaps the most alarming of all is the question of whether Harris indulges in the use of……wait for it………. scented candles, a luxury, not only pollutes our air but also poses a threat to our health.

Oh My G*d…tell me it’s not true!



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