WOW! Traditional Values Outlawed!

(PCC)If you declare there are only 2 genders then you could be facing some cold hard time in the big house! Think this is a joke? Keep reading and see what happened to a young student at a state funded Catholic High School!

A State funded Catholic school finds itself under fire for suspending and arresting a student who dared to express his views on gender. The incident, which occurred at a Renfrew Catholic High School has sparked outrage among conservative circles. Conservatives argue  the school’s actions were outrageous and anti-biblical! The religion who condemns homosexuality, abortions while promoting celibacy and moral purity are teaching their young students to embrace sexual fluidity!

Josh Alexander, a young student found himself entangled in a web of controversial topics such as gender dysphoria, male breastfeeding, transgender ideology, woke politics, and the notion of multiple genders.

However, instead of succumbing to these progressive ideas, Josh chose to embrace the traditional values recognizing only two genders. Unfortunately, this decision proved to be his downfall, as he was arrested, booked, and incarcerated, and now carries an arrest record which could potentially haunt him for the rest of his life!

In a shocking display of hetero-hate and woke conformity, high school student Josh Alexander finds himself under attack for daring to express his deeply-held traditional beliefs. In today’s increasingly polarized society, it seems  anyone who dares to deviate from the prevailing progressive liberal narrative is immediately targeted, vilified and in this case arrested!

In the small town of Renfrew, a battle is brewing between traditional values and the encroachment of liberal ideology. In a shocking and deeply concerning development, a courageous student, Josh Alexander, has been unjustly suspended and even arrested by a Catholic high school in Renfrew. His crime? Simply daring to express his unwavering commitment to traditional values on the topic of gender during a classroom discussion.

This incident raises serious questions about the suppression of free speech and the erosion of conservative principles within parochial educational institutions. The explosive incident rocked St. Joseph’s Catholic High School has sparked a fiery debate, pitting the cherished value of freedom of expression against the oppressive policies of so-called equity and inclusivity.

In a shocking turn of events, Alexander, the student who was previously suspended for his controversial remarks, found himself in a harrowing situation upon his return to school having finished his suspension.

Instead of being welcomed back with open arms, he was confronted by the vice-principal accompanied by not one, but two police officers. The situation escalated quickly, leading to Alexander’s arrest on charges of trespassing in the school where he was a student during normal school hours while other students were in class and having successfully served his suspension sentence.

The courageous student bravely voiced his conservative beliefs amidst a politically correct classroom environment, fearlessly engaging in a dialogue on controversial subjects such as the absurd notion of male students utilizing female washrooms and male showering with female students, the troubling concept of gender dysphoria, and the preposterous idea of male breastfeeding.

“I boldly proclaimed the indisputable truth  there exist only two genders – the unassailable fact  individuals are inherently assigned as either male or female at birth.”

However, my audacious stance on this matter has predictably ignited a firestorm of controversy and condemnation. In a bold and unapologetic stance, Josh Alexander fearlessly declared  the undeniable truth of biology should not be overshadowed by the subjective concept of gender.

Because of his stance for traditional values he was also suspended, at a school which has stood strong with unwavering commitment by upholding Catholic teachings, but it appears the Wokes broke the schools’ faith and Josh Alexander must be punished!

In a shocking turn of events, Josh’s lawyer has recently exposed the school’s outrageous demand. It appears the school is forcing Josh to comply with their politically correct agenda, going so far as to demand  he refrains from using the so-called ‘dead name’ and avoids any interaction with two transgender students who hold differing views from his deeply held Catholic convictions.

This blatant infringement on Josh Alexander’s freedom of speech and religious beliefs is a clear example of the left’s relentless push to silence conservative voices and impose their own radical ideology on unsuspecting individuals.

In a shocking display of ideological intolerance, the school has come under fire for its decision to expel a student simply for daring to express traditional beliefs. This egregious act not only stifles free speech but also reveals a disturbing trend of undermining the very commitment to diverse perspectives  educational institutions claim to uphold.

It is a sad day when a student’s right to hold and express differing opinions is trampled upon in the name of Woke political correctness.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous erosion of intellectual diversity on our campuses, where conformity to a narrow set of beliefs is increasingly prioritized over the robust exchange of ideas.

Final Word: How ironic for a religion who demands total and complete celibacy for it Priests and Nuns teaches it’s young students gender fluidity….how does that work?


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