You Have Been Stolen And Your DNA Is For Sale!…you had better read this!

(PCC)ALERT: I wish this was something out of a classic horror cult movie but it is not, but could be the opening of the door to Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory!

The nightmarish scenario is unfolding as you read this. A DNA Heist: 23andMe Admits Massive Breach of 6.9 Million Users, Exposing a Pandora’s Box of Potential Threats!

The question on everyone’s mind is who wants your DNA, secret personal information, family tree and your genetic blueprint?

Your personal data and family tree identity appear to also be in question, and yes it is proof positive they are your relatives! (the DNA says so)

Where is all the DNA material kept at 23andMe? It appears the ‘data’ is not yet defined, was it personal information or actual DNA samples containing genetic code and full genetic blueprint of the subjects who gave their DNA to 23andMe? OMG!

The breach, as confirmed by a company spokesperson, was a result of hackers taking advantage of the careless practice of reusing login credentials. In a shocking revelation, genetic testing giant 23andMe has finally come clean about a massive breach which has compromised the most personal information of a staggering 6.9 million users.

This alarming breach has opened the floodgates to a myriad of potential dangers, leaving innocent individuals vulnerable to a host of unforeseen consequences and genetic blueprint coping.

Here is the inside problem:

The deeply concerning issue at hand is the disturbing possibility of individuals being cloned for nefarious activities, such as the abhorrent practice of organ trafficking in the underground market.

The dangers are far-reaching, as we face the alarming prospect of bio-weapons being developed to specifically target individuals based on their genetic composition.

This stolen data could potentially be exploited to clone fingerprints and retinas, enabling nefarious individuals to unlawfully breach secure systems and wreak havoc.

The stolen DNA could potentially be utilized in the creation of abhorrent animal-human hybrids, a grotesque violation of the natural order and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life.

It Unfortunately, the detrimental consequences have already manifested, as certain customers’ profile information has emerged on nefarious dark web platforms as far back as October.

This malicious act has resulted in the compromising of the personal data of a staggering 6.9 million users, which accounts for nearly half of the company’s customer base. This alarming breach has unveiled Pandora’s box of potential dangers, sending shockwaves through society, and igniting deep concerns about the flagrant misuse of genetic information.

The implications on privacy and security are nothing short of chilling, as individuals’ most intimate and personal data is now vulnerable to exploitation and copying!

The bigger question is: The next time Dr. Frankenstein need some body part will he bypass the grave year and go straight to the corner biogenetic lab or just be satisfied with leftovers?

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light  a staggering number of approximately 5.5 million DNA Relatives profile files have been compromised. This breach of privacy is deeply concerning, as it puts the personal information of countless individuals at risk, but it doesn’t stop there!

To make matters worse, the Family Tree profile information of an additional 1.4 million customers who were part of the DNA Relatives feature has also been exposed. This blatant violation of privacy is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by the unchecked collection and storage of personal data.

The alarming theft of biometric data not only poses a grave threat to our personal privacy, but it also paves the way for a sinister practice known as identity substitution. This nefarious act allows wrongdoers to brazenly replace their own DNA with yours in critical identification scenarios, resulting in a nightmarish cascade of false accusations and potentially devastating legal ramifications.

Furthermore, the brazen act of theft has unearthed a treasure trove of personal data, delving even deeper into the genetic profiles of individuals’ family members. This alarming revelation brings to light the troubling presence of covert entities, including government agencies, who are actively seeking to exploit this valuable information for the insidious purposes of surveillance and intelligence gathering.

The flagrant and reckless utilization of genetic material without consent not only jeopardizes the sacred realm of personal privacy, but also poses a grave danger to the delicate tapestry of Mother Nature.

It is mind-boggling  a company entrusted with such sensitive personal information has failed to implement even the most rudimentary security measures until now.

Final Word: Who in the world could possible want your DNA, Family Tree and all your personal data? A few names come to mind: CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, and other alphabet agencies too numerous to mention…..and oh, don’t forget the Chinese!

Someday we will tell the police: It wasn’t me; it was my evil clone!


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